What is an NHS dentist?

In the United Kingdom, there is an organization or institute named NHS dentistry which aims to provide every kind of treatment to the oral hygiene problems. The coventry dentist here are eager to serve the nation and fulfill the NHS dentistry’s purpose of providing dental treatment to all the people, who have teeth related issues, in the United Kingdom.

Services they provide:

The NHS dentistry takes care of the following issues:

· Dentures

· Crown and bridges

· Orthodontist

· Tooth white filling

· Scaling and polishing

· Root canal treatment – the most common issue face by the population

The emergency dentist is responsible to guide the patients about how to improve their oral hygiene and treat their present ailment. These are qualified dentists who have achieved their bachelors as well as master’s degree with great clinical experience.

Charges taken by them:

For a long time since its development, this organization treated patients for free but with the advent of time and inflation in the prices, they soon began to charge fee from the patients. In few cases, the fee is not charged and they are as follows:

· Children less than 18 years of age

· Children with means-tested benefit or those who are receiving full time education

· Pregnant women

· Those in custody